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Server Rules: [KaSH] Infantry Server


all cheater will be banned by us and we will report them to EA.


stats padding is prohibited and we will punish this by a ban. We tolerate if someone plays alone on the server and captures some flags. But any other activities outside regular playing are not allowed.


bug using / glitching strictly prohibited and will be punished by a ban. To reach at a roof (please refer to §9), to enter a house, which has no entry, and so far are not allowed. Generally it is forbidden to use graphical or game bugs.


insults, politically motivated states or names from war criminals or terroistical groups for representing and glorifying them will not be tolerated by us and we will be punished by warning/kick/ban.

Attention: For Bad Nick Names we will ban you rigorous.


principely you have to follow the instructions of the administrators without any discussion. If you are not satisfied with the decisions by us then you can use our complaint forum from on our homepage to present your complaint about abusing any admin.


we will make space for members, friends and coming players of [KaSH] on our Server.

§7 Fair play / Team play

It is important for us that every player shows a team relevant and fair way of play. Good players have to support rookies. Teamplay before Kill!


Anti-Armor weapons against infantry. Anti-Armor weapons are allowed to destruct obstacles or shelter like walls, houses and so far. In combat between infantry it is not allowed to use armor breaking weapons. Repeated kills with armor breaking weapons will punish by us with kick/ban.

§9 using of MAV to reach any non-available roof, to place a mobile spawn point or to spawn on such a point are not allowed.


claymores at spawn place, spawn killing or spawn camping is prohibited. Kills at spawns are only allowed if a directly way to flag is recognizeable. The repeated placing of claymores at the spawn will be punish by us with kick/ban.

Any problems or questions please contact us by the "Contact Us" form or send a mail to !


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